The Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Law Studies was inaugurated in 2007in in order to become an anti brain drain device and to promote degrees in law research to prepare its graduates for leadership positions in the juridical system, in government, social and economic organizations and in the practice of law.


The Center offers a range of study programs for research students within three frameworks: master's degree studies with theses; doctorate studies; a direct track to a doctorate -- all aimed at providing experts in the various fields of Law and Justice. The Center serves as a greenhouse for Israel's elite jurists and as a focus for extensive and innovative research by students who devote themselves to full-time research. The results obtained by the Center will lead to books and articles and thereby provide an important contribution – not only to Israeli and international legal writings, but also to Israel's society and culture in general.


Unlike other advanced law study programs in Israel and most such programs in the world, the Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Law Studies was especially planned to attain these goals. It comprises a varied number of exclusive courses in Hebrew and English taught in small classes, seminars and workshops. This study program was drawn up to provide the Center's students with tools to advance their research in surroundings that are subject to continuing changes in professionalism and globalization. All these issues are taught by Israel's leading teaching staff, reinforced by a considerable number of visiting professors from the world's most renowned universities.


The vibrant young group of researchers of the Center benefits from subsistence grants (contingent on full-time dedication to research); it enjoys a supportive working environment, reflected in an international-grade library and special workrooms in the Francis and Meir Parness Minkoff wing, and, of course, guidance and studies of an international academic standard taught by top-notch scholars and lecturers.


Those interested in the doctorate track can spend a research semester at elite universities abroad, such as Yale and Harvard. Combining such a semester with the specially designed study program confronts the students with dozens of eminent legal experts from top international schools, making the program offered by the Center an especially attractive option for advanced studies overseas.


Zvi Meitar Center for Advance Law Studies, Tel Aviv University